Routing anchors and release 2

Hi everyone,

We need to cover an area made by 2 adiacent rooms in a warehouse. We tried to place 4 anchor nodes in the corners of the first room, other 3 anchor nodes in the second room, and 1 anchor node in the auction of the door. We would like to trace the movement of 1 tag in the whole area.

Then we set 2 initiator (one in the first room and one in the second room) and we tought that the anchor node in the auction of the door would have taken the role of routing anchor between the 2 areas, to guarantee the full tracking of the tag in the warehouse.

We understood that the feature of routing anchors will be introduced in Release 2.
Can I have some information about the release date?
Can I get over this issue in another way, setting the anchors in a different mode?

Thanks for reply

Hello, there can be only 1 initiator. As long as there exists a “path” between initiator and all anchors (i.e. anchors can talk to each other via other anchors), this creates one network.

I know! but We tought that 2 initiator were needed because We placed the anchors about 2.5 meter heigh, so the anchors in the first room are not in LOS with the anchors in the second room because of the wall.
We are getting some problem in the tracking while the tag is close to the door, and that is why we tought to introduce a routing anchor in the auction of the door.
Do you think We don’t need this feature?
Can you suggest us a better positioning of the anchors?

My understanding of PANS is that it does not require LOS between initiator and all anchors. As the initiator is taking care of TDMA, there can be only one.
What sort of problems you get? In my experience common problem in precision is when the anchor locations are not measured precisely. That can skew the results.

Our problem is that:

  1. if we set one single initiator, the tracking of the tag does not work when the tag moves in the second room,
  2. when we set 2 initiators we are able to track the tag also in the second room, but the real time tracking does not work properly when the tag cross the door. It looks like the tag loses the connection with the anchors of the first room, and after a few time it get the connection with the anchors in the second room. and during this time the tracking is not real time.