Round Robin Ranging to multiple PDOA nodes


I have 3 PDOA nodes and I’m attempting to range to them. I’m ranging to one node 20 times and then moving to the next node, by sending a blink msg and then polling. Ranging frequency is 100 times a second. Blink frequency is 10 times a second. After I get through all three nodes, it’s 15-30 seconds before I get any response from the next node. I opened the debugger, in deca_device.c->dwt_isr, and verified that while the blink msg was timing out, there were no ‘RX good frame events’. I looked through the code to look for some kind of delay but didn’t find anything. Any ideas what could be causing this?

Also, note that i modified the ranging protocol so that nodes ignore messages that aren’t addressed to them (I added the node address to the blink message. the other messages include the node address).