Robot localization in ROS

Hello I am a Grad student writing a thesis involving UWB localization. I am using the TREK 1000 kit with ROS, therefore I am using a custom navigation configuration on linux.

Problem one, it appears that a tag will only give tag-to-anchor ranges through the serial port of my robot. This is not enough information for calculating the position. Therefore to calculate the coordinates of my robot, I have attached Anchor 0 to my robot to have read anchor-to-anchor data through the serial port and have the necessary information, and I am using the tag as an anchor. Is there a better way ?

Problem two, I am trying to expand my grid of UWB’s because my project involves a very large area to track the robot’s position. As the anchors capabilities seem to be uniquely defined, I think that I can only have Anchors 0, 1, 2, 3, which only allows for one triangle of roughly 30 m^2 for my robot to be tracked within which is not nearly enough. I hope to simply build a large grid of triangular regions, but currently this does not seem possible. What can I do?

Thank you for helping me to best solve these problems.

If you need to do position in larger environment where many anchors needed, maybe you can try MDEK1001 suite which has 12 modules and has a PANS firmware suited to form large UWB network.

I have considered that option, although it is not really up to me as I do not control our funding. Do you have thoughts on how I could do it with the current equipment that I have ? I have at least 5 of the UWB’s that come with the TREK1000 kit. Is it possible to modify the software that is already installed on the UWB’s themselves ?

If it is not possible with the current equipment, can you verify that the MDEK 1001 suite would be compatible with linux and that I could receive all the anchor-to-anchor and anchor-to-tag ranges through the serial port.

Thank you for your response.

I didn’t do any tests using TREK1000 kits so I don’t know if it has capability to support long ranging with high transmitting power.

for MDEK1001 suite with PANS firmware, I do not think you can get anchor-to-anchor ranges as you must provide the anchor its position manually, see

We do have a system that will do everything you’re asking, either calculated position or raw range output with support for anchor to anchor ranging. But I’m guessing that completely new hardware is out of the question on budget grounds.

Thank you for the response. Completely new hardware is possible, although of course not ideal. I would like to know what you’re referring to so that I know all the options. Thank you.