RF_TXCTRL - Mistake in Official User Manual Version 2.18 or Mistake in Official Github Repository

Hello Decawave,

Can you please comment on the following issue:

The latest DW1000 user manual version 2.18 shows the RF_TXCTRL configuration value 0x001E3FE3 for channel 5. this sets the two least significant bits which are actually supposed to have no function.

However, your official GitHub repository shows the following RF_TXCTRL configuration value 0X001E3FE0 for channel 5.

My simple question is: Which value is the correct value ?

Best regards


See the description of the “Reserved” fields in RF_TXCTRL, in the latest version of the DW1000 user manual (v2.18) it states “Program only as directed in Table 38”.

Note that the “official GitHub repository” you mentioned is not really the latest “officially” supported driver. This can be found on our website: https://www.decawave.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/01/dw1000_api_rev2p14.zip.
This uses the 0x001E3FE3UL value defined in the user manual.

Just did a bit of research, 0x001E3FE3 is definitely the correct value to use.

Using the old value can result in ~2dB spurs in the channel 5 TX spectrum, which can cause issues with regulation / limit the TX power that can be used to meet regulation.

Again, the Github repository does not contain the latest official version of the DW1000 decadriver. I created an issue on the repository so the team responsible is aware.

There are some other discrepancies with UG and API.
Has anyone already received an answer from DW team on the issues found?
Look like nobody tracking issues reported by users.