RF Testing DW1000


We are using DW1000 IC in our product and two way ranging works fine.
We have send our boards for CE/FCC RF testing.
Testing lab is requesting for modulated signal.
Could you please share the sample code to generate modulated signal.

It depends on your firmware and protocol.
The standard is based on average power over a 1 ms period. Which means you must set your system to constantly generate the worst case transmission load every ms.
Assuming you never send more than one packet per ms then this would be your largest packet transmitted once per ms.

Could you share the standard/sample application link to download the source code.

How can I supply source code that transmits your systems worst case packets? It depends on your system.

Im not asking “systems worst case packets” application.

Dose decwave have sample application to emits modulated signal for RF testing purpose? if so share that standard application link, we will modify accordingly.

Im curious, Does decwave has Windows application that enables engineers to quickly explore and evaluate radio performance and functionality. similar to Nordic tool for BLE(https://www.nordicsemi.com/software%20and%20tools/development%20tools/nrfgo%20studio/download)

Yes you are. You asked about approvals testing.

You can’t just output any modulated pattern since that wouldn’t then represent your end system and so would make your test results unrepresentative.

The requirement for FCC/CE testing is that during testing your system must be configured to output it’s worst case transmission load.

The FCC/CE standards take average values over a 1 ms period and so you must work out your worst case transmissions for any given 1 ms period and output that constantly.

If you make any subsequent changes to your radio protocol that increase or change the modulation of what you are transmitting you are required to re-test with your new worst case.

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