RF Simulation in QSPICE

Hello, I’m new to QSPICE and am wondering about RF support. My initial questions are:

  1. Is there any plan to allow for s-parameter simulation in QSPICE? Normally SPICE does not address s-parameter simulation, but it could (free QUCS simulator does) and of course that is often important to Qorvo product use.
  2. Is there a capability or plan to allow for RF GaN device modeling (also valuable for Qorvo), such as the Angelov model? All SPICE GaN models I know of are for power supply switching GaN’s, but there would seem to be no reason RF GaN models could not be done in SPICE. If combined with s-parameters also, that would be a powerful free capability very useful to RF designers in general and Qorvo customers in particular.
    Thanks, Farron