RF communication not working - DWM1000 + STM32

I have 2 DWM1000 modules, and cant make any RF connection.

Im using STM32L433 as initiator (ex06a) and L010 as responder(ex06b).

I make source code in way as in example in DWS1000_ExampleCode_v1_0_1.

I have SPI communication with modules, and UART with my PC.
Responder is little warm(about 40deg) and draining about 140mA constantly.

Bu havent any reaction on Serial. What can be wrong?

If i disconnect MISO i have “INIT FAILED” on serial, but if i disconnect MOSI, i havent it. Why?

Im also tried to trim xtal(dwt_setxtaltrim()) but zero efffects.

Initiator: Initiator - Pastebin.com
Responder: Responder - Pastebin.com

Initiator never enter “if” in line 260(condition always not met)
And of course also never enter “if” in 268.

Responder stucks on line 230.

SYS_STATUS_ID is equal to 8388610, whitch means: