Retrieving UWBConfigData for a DWM1000 Module


We need for a school project to connect a DWM1000 Module to a custom iPhone app,
we have found the frame format to send to the iPhone, but we are struggling to find what to put in UWBConfigData, we have found a lot of articles on the internet, but no one seems to give the actual data,

Do you know what is the format of this ?



You would not be able to do what you want - absolutely cannot, because dw1000 radio is not compatible with iPhone.
Only dw3000 radio is compatible.

Use DWM3001 with example application for iPhone connection!


Thanks for the answer, I will look into it then and hope I can refund the DWM1000.

Out of curiosity, what makes the DWM1000 not compatible ?


Hi @benji1312 ,

The new IEEE802.15.4z defined formats where a scrambled timestamp sequence (STS) is introduced into the packet. DW1000 only supports IEEE802.15.4.
Also DW1000 does not support Channel 9.
These 2 points makes dw1000 not compatible.