Retrieving position data via usb connection to an Android tablet?


We just received the MDEK1001 kit and we’re testing it for potential applications. I was just wondering if it’s possible to retrieve the positioning data from the tag if it’s connected via USB to an Android tablet? I know BLE communication with an Android device is possible, but the particular device we’re working with is an older model tablet that’s not equipped with Bluetooth BLE and is running Android 4.0.3. Is serial usb communication possible? Are there any driver limitations with Android devices that might prevent this?

DWM1001-DEV board can be connected to a PC, but not a tablet. The DWM1001-DEV is a USB slave/device, the PC is a USB master/host, the tablets/phones are also USB slaves/devices.

It is however possible (perhaps not recommended) to do this. I’m currently using one of these ( ) to connect my phone (Samsung Galaxy S5) to act as a master. It is however not ideal and it bugs a lot.
My setup is two EVK1000 (not sure how they differ from your model). You could give it a try but it would probably be better to use a PC. I will post a thread later(a couple of months) explaining how I set everything up.

That would be great, thanks. Specifically what I’m curious about is the snippets of code you used to open a serial connection with the tag and send API commands to retrieve the data.