Restriction of listener uwb range


There is an aim to restrict the range (down to 3-5 metres in LOS) in which listener (with dwm1001C) can find uwb tags.
There is a command “utps” which can change transmit power of dwm module.
Thus tag’s transmit power can be changed. But in my project it should be high and can’t be changed.

Can I change rx_power of dwm1001 for listener?
Or could you advice any other ways how to set this restriction?

Thank you!

Hi @what_is_love_chik
there is no rx_power setting in PANS at all. You can lower the transmit power of the Listener but it will not help you at all as the RX sensitivity remains the same.

You can try to cover the listener by some conductive foam but it is more like hack than a real solution.


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