Responsive mode wakeup after power on

currently I’m investigating the usage of responsive mode and sleep functionality.
So far my findings are a bit inconclusive. All communication is with the module is done using the generic UART API.

If I power on the DWM1001 have responsive mode disabled, I have to send 5 bytes to get a response from the module. E.g. to get the position, I have to send the hex code “02 00 00 00 00”. So the normal API TLV command “02 00” followed by another 3 bytes. Also it’s not required to send trailing 00 bytes, any other byte is ok, too.
With responsive mode enabled. after power on, a normal “02 00” is enough.

I would have expected that the sending of a wakeup byte is required, but not after power on. If the DWM is already on and a reset is performed, then the wakeup byte works. And after a sleep command it also works.

So it’s a bit strange for me how it is supposed to work correctly.

If anyone had similar experiences or knows an explanation, I would love to hear from you.

Best regards and stay healthy,