Required sample code to communicate Tag with bridge using UWB

Hi Team, I am working on MDEK1001 kit with nrf52832 on it and sending multiple node data to Tag over BLE. But I don’t know how to send data from Tag to Bridge.
I need help for sending data over UWB and not having prior knowledge of UWB.
Could you please help me by providing sample code for sending data to bridge(RBP) from Tag over UWB.
It will be really helpful for me, Thank you

Hi Team, Please suggest any sample code I am stuck here from very long time.
Waiting for reply, Thanks in advance

Hi @Namrata
without some knowledge it would not work. Could you describe more info about your use case?


I have configured few nodes(which is MDEK100) with different different sensors like Temperature sensor, Heartbeat sensor and sending this data to Tag (which is again MDEK1001).
I am able to get data over Tag through BLE but not able to send that data to bridge(MDEK1001 connected with RBP ).
For sending data from tag to bridge I need sample code of UWB which will help me to send data of sensor with location of node . I am getting location of node but not able to get sensor data because I am new to UWB and not able to resolve this.
please help me with this because from very long time I am stuck here & waiting fro your reply.

Thanks you in advance.

Hi @Namrata
do you use PANS?
if so then in one cycle you can send IoT data and in another cycle you can send the location. There is a very small payload you cant send them together.

ON the bridge side you need to have RPI 3B and the provided RPI image to make it work.