Request for option to save and compile C-code

Hi all,

I am looking to request a feature/option to enable the C-code to be automatically saved and compiled upon simulation start when the .c file is provided or just run the available .dll.


When you have the .cpp file open, F5(Compile DLL & Run), does that. If you only want to compile, that’s F6.

The F5 icon likes like the normal green, turn the power on button. The F6 icon is supposed to look like a coffee grinder – the international symbol for compiling code.


Hi Mike,

I requested it because I often have more than 1 c-block, and sometimes I modify more than 1 blocks, and forgot to compile one of the block.

So I think save all and compile all can help to avoid it.


Hi, Arief.

You might want to look into build automation tools like “make.”


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