Remote config and commands, mdek

I have mdek kit with DWM1001 (12 units). For my tasks i should control them remotely. User can set coordinates and node type (anchor or tag) by the android app, get distances. Can i connect with them in the same way without smartphone app? To control a node type, get distances from tags, e.t.c.
Probably i can get access to some bluetooth module and with it send commands, then i need this documentation for this commands, please.

Because, if i understand correct, i can’t send commands to some remote unit if i connected with one of them by, for example, UART. Correct me, if i wrong, maybe it’s possible. Just control other units remotely.

Task in general: i have a lot of dwm units, i should get distances from all to all (distance matrix). If i can somehow get distances from all tags to all anchors remotely, without physical connection with tag and smartphone, this also acceptable (maybe not enough, depends on).

Example and clarrification.

We want to create net (coordinate system) in closed room to get tag position.
Set 5 nodes as anchors, connect Listener with my hardware by UART. To find the solution I need distances between all to all.
How I can get this info? What should i change to solve this?