Release 2 documentation


As version 2 of DWM1001 firmware is not yet released, I have the next proposal for Decawave responsables:

Maybe it is possible for the users/integrators to have in our hands a preview of the documentation for Release2. This way, at least we have the chance to navigate the documentation to find what are the new capabilities of the UWB network, location engine, extension of existing APIs, etc.

I consider this would be quite interesting even if the documentation is not in its final state.

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I agree with this proposal.

I agree with this proposal, perhaps with some warning flags in areas that are still fluid.

Great proposition. It would be very helpful.

Nice idea. i love this proposal.
Nice idea. i love this proposal.

Hi guys,

We are still testing the R2, and documentation is in development.

We are looking at the possibility to release early documentation but we’re not sure it is mature enough.

I keep you updated.

Thank you,