Relation between Accuracy and Anchor's position orientation and number


We are creating an autonomous drone in our company.
We have chosen to use your modules to perform the auto landing.

To specify ore our system, we are using 4 DWM1001 in the UAV and 4 Anchors in the Home base.

During our tests, we have faced some accuracy problems, and it has reviled that the orientation and the disposition of the Anchors affects the accuracy.

Can you please help us discovering the best configurations (Number, placement and orientations) of the Anchors to get the best accuracy for our system?

Thank you.

Hi @Mouadh
there is not an easy answer. Global guide:

  1. The anchors should be in the corners of virtual square - that will provide the better accuracy. For example for positioning testing grid 10m x 10m I have three ropes - 10m, 10m and 14.1m - two edges (10m) and one in diagonal. So I always maintain the 90 degrees in the square.
  2. It is very important to have well aimed anchors (XYZ position), that will also improve the accuracy.
  3. The anchors should not be so close to each other. I dont know how big is your drone, but i will recommend at least few meters.

All is about accuracy, if you want to get accurate position then the anchors must be also on accurate positions otherwise there is not much ways how the internal location engine can calculate the TAG position.


Hi JK,

just to clarify, when you mention well aimed anchors(XYZ position). Does that mean that the 4 anchors need to have different orientation in relation to each other, in order to cover all angles?


Hi @Radiobuddy @Mouadh
I mean to have correct XYZ as much as possible.

Regarding the antenna orientation) It is a good question. Definitely the antenna must be upwards. And I would face them to the center of the virtual square - if the landing zone is in the center. The antenna radiation pattern in XY is “almost” circular so it might not be that important.


Hi JK,
thanks for getting back to us. I’m sorry for all the question, but just for clarity.
When you say the antenna upward and facing towards the center of the square, do you mean like in the photo?

Hi @Radiobuddy
yes this is what I mean.