Regulations in Indonesia

Does Indonesia allows UWB outdoor applications on moving vehicles.
In APR001 I have not been able to find any references to Indonesia.


Hi Akshat,

Unfortunately we’re not familiar with the UWB regulations in Indonesia. That’s why it is not documented in APR001.
We have contacted the ministry of comms in Indonesia , but they have not come back to us yet.

I kinda expect though that the regulations will be similar (if not the same) as the surrounding countries like Vietnam or Malaysia where UWB is allowed when using channel 5.
See:, in appendix 14. The way it’s written is a bit confusing, but channel 5 is allowed (see note 1).
Regarding outdoor use in Vietnam , the “other conditions” say: “Device is used indoor or in the environment where device is shielded against radio waves”. Depending on the layout of the factory, you might be able to argue that it’s a shielded environment.

Sorry I could not help you in full, but we do our best to find out about Indonesia.


Hi Leo,

Is there some update for Indonesia?

We are using UWB on mining vehicles in mining sites for proximity detection.

This is above ground mining not underground and of course an outdoor environment.

We use channel 5 with <500MHz as our bandwidth to keep up with ETSI and FCC regulations.

Mean power (EIRP) spectral density limits<-41.3dBm/MHz

Also there is no factory environment as you mentioned above in your reply, as this is a mine site.


This may be a useful link…
The item which I found interesting is that you have to re-certify every 3 years.
Good luck