Regarding accuracy of reading obtained from QM33120 evaluation kit

Hi I have following setup for QM33120 evaluation kit

I have used CLI version and reading the data through serial port.
PAVRG have been set to 2 .

I am receiving following readings

I have following querry

  1. what is the convention of PDOA and PAOA (which side is positive and negative) ?
  2. Why there is difference between PDOA and PAOA readings are they are two methods of calculation of AOA or just a transform ? PAOA offset is 0 in my case
  3. Why is there so much fluctuation in readings even though the device is close apart and NLOS is aprox 0 ?
  4. Any performance parameter that needs to be tuned to get a better/ accurate readings from the device.?

Thanks for all your help and support.

Hi Shashrank, I m working on an indoor localization system using the Qorvo 33120 WDK1 kit and I need to connect the system to my PC without the Qorvo One GUI, how can I use the serial port to do that?
can you please help me?