Reference device generation for the antenna delay calibration


I am trying to generate reference devices for the antenna delay calibration. I’ve successfully implemented the algorithm given in the APS014. In the given TWR antenna delay calibration example range bias for both the measured range (when antenna delay is set to 0) and the actual range is substracted from the measured range. Range Bias @ 162 m, PRF = 16 MHz, Channel = 2 is written as +0.13 meters in the table. However in the calculation, I see the actual value is +0.1387 meters and there is no value corresponding to +0.1387 meters on the y-axis of the Figure 11: Range bias error for a given received signal level in the APS011. How did you find these values for both 162 meters and 7.914 meters? If you are using the received signal level (RSL) value to find corresponding range bias value, is there a problem if I use antenna gain as -10 dBi (Reference devices have DWM1000. As I saw in the antenna datasheet it has mean gain of -5 dBi. Due to the TWR scheme I doubled the value. ) and the transmitted power as -8 dBm (Assuming -35 dBm/MHz for the highest PA setting)?