Recommended Spectrum Analyzer?

Are there any spectrum analyzer’s out there that you guys would recommend?

I am interested in recommendations for both in a lab setting and one that we could take in the field. We would like to use it to look at channel 5 frequency (~6.5 Ghz)

The most useful instrument for analysing the UWB Tx signal would be a spectrum analyser with a bandwidth high enough to cover the UWB frequency range. It should have the capability to measure the power over the whole UWB channel (500 MHz). We use the Rhode&Schwarz FSP (13.6 GHz).

A programmable attenuator set-up can be used between transmitting and receiving UWB devices for receiver sensitivity testing. You measure the power being transmitted (over the 500 MHz bandwidth) and change the attenuation until you reach the sensitivity level of the receiving device (the sensitivity is the Tx power minus the attenuation). We use the HP 11713 A attenuator switch with HP 8494H (11 dB in 1 dB steps) and HP 8495H (70 dB in 10 dB steps) with an additional fixed 20 dB attenuator to cover the dynamic range.

Is that a cabled setup, with the analyzer hooked directly to the UWB radio?