Recommendation for adding DWM1001 to ESP32 dev board

I’m a software eng with not too much h/w experience, and a small project to do.

I’d like to make use of what I think is - in production - the most economical technology for it:

  • an ESP32 controller
  • a DW1000 i/c

What I’d like to do for a dev environment is either build or (preferably) get hold of some dev boards that contain both an ESP32 and a DWM1001 module. I’m aware of one project that’s done this (I think it was called Localino). Hopefully, for prototyping, I can get hold of a few dev boards that are reasonably physically robust.

What should I do to achieve this step?


Hi Josh,
Can you find any solution or documentation about this project? I try to control DWM1001 with ESP32 and i couldn’t do it. Can you share if you have found any solution?

Hi nberky and Josh ;

Did you manage to connect esp32 to dwm1001 ? If yes , can you please share the code or guide me . I await for you reply …