Receiver sensitivity, PRF vs. preamble length

I am working with DWM1002 and DWM1003 modules.
I am trying to figure out the relationship between receiver’s sensitivity and preamble length.
In the datasheet of DWM1003 tag as below, we have: channel 5, data rate of 6.81Mbps, preamble of 128 bits and PRF of 64MHz

Whereas in the datasheet of DW1000 as of receptor, we can see: channel 5, data rate of 6.8Mbps with sensitivity of -94dBm/500MHz but this time, with a preamble of 256 and PRF of 16MHz.

My question is: do different preamble length (128 vs. 256) and different PRF (16 vs. 64) give out a same sensitivity for any further calculation? Thank you