Received blinks mean in TTK1000_RTLS_CLE_Controller

I purchased the TTK1000 1KIT, made my own customized tag and tested it against the TTK1000 tag.

The positioning performance seems to be similar.
However, customized tags as shown in the figure below have very low results for Blinks(%) compared to TTK1000 tags.
I wonder what this means.

capture 1

Thank you for reading.

What RF Configurations are you using, Default Chan 2, PRF 64MHz, PLEN 128 PCODE 9, DataRate 6.8MBps?
What Module are you using DWM1000, DWM1001, DWM1004 or DW1000?
If custom antenna, what PCB Substrate are you using?
What Power Source(battery) + Regulator are you using ?

Thank you for reply.

RF Configurations are Chan 3, PRF 64MHz, PLEN 256 PCODE 9, DataRate 6.8MBps.
RF Configurations of TTK1000 tag and customized tag are the same.
(I modified the firmware to work with TTK1000 anchor and tag channel 3.)

TTK1000 tag used DWM1001 module.
The antenna of the costomized tag is AH 086M555003 manufactured by TAIYO YUDEN.

The custom tag is powered by the battery and the DW1000 uses RT8059 (Step down Regulator) 3.3V output. It doesn’t use 1.8V. So it uses the DW1000’s internal LDO.

I don’t understand that the “Loc(%)” is high even though the percentage of Blinks received is low.
Could you please tell me what you think about this result?

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