Receive loop in ss_twr_init

Hello, I’m currently working with the ss_twr_init and ss_twr_resp example pair here:

I’d like to add a simple received loop to ss_twr_init, in addition to the normal ranging. As in, between ranging exchanges, I would like to spend a period of time continually trying to receive other messages on the init device. I’ve tried adding a simple receive function based on some simple_receive example code, but after executing it once, the module fails to receive forever more. It fails to receive all messages including those that are part of ranging exchanges, but it does transmit normally. This is confirmed by another decawave module that just receives and prints over serial: I can see all the requests for ranging info but the init module does not receive them.

Has anyone encountered an issue like this, and have any clue what is going on? I can post some example code if it helps.

Please disregard. As usual it was just me being dumb! I think being dumb is most of a programmer’s job. Just a simple timing issue.