Receive bad frame

Hello guys,

I’m a new user on this forum. I’ll explain you my problem.

I send a blink to the anchor and the anchor replies with ranging init but I have a problem.

After sending the blink, I want to display the data length and the fctrl [0] of the receive frame from anchor (the ranging init message)

But I receive a frame of 127 bytes and fctrl = 0x7f and not the 30 bytes from ranging init msg with a fctrl = 0x41.

When I use the tag with the anchor disconnected, the tag send a blink and indicates me that he receive a frame with fctrl = ed and data length = 0…

That produces an overrun interrupt when the anchor answer…

I don’t understand why. I receive the good frame only sometime but very poor.

Have you got this problem also ?