Receive 2nd response to tag poll


I have implemented SimpleTx & SimpleRx examples as a way to have a Tag poll an anchor for its range.
It works fine.
My poll loop is :
while (!((status_reg = dwt_read32bitreg(SYS_STATUS_ID)) & (SYS_STATUS_RXFCG_BIT_MASK | SYS_STATUS_ALL_RX_TO | SYS_STATUS_ALL_RX_ERR)))

I now have 2 anchors, and I would like to get range from both.
As a test - I just copied the wait loop a second time and I am testing for it to exit loop only if the 2nd anchor (which has a delay greater than the 1st) is on.

My problem - after receiving the 1st response:
a. If I clear the good RX frame, the 2nd wait loop lasts forever.
b. If I don’t the 2nd loop breaks even without the 2nd anchor.

My question - how do I enable reception of the 2nd response to the same poll