Reading Public UWB address

I’m running the default factory firmware on the DWM1001, with tags and anchors, with LE turned off. I am using a Raspberry Pi as the host device, connected over SPI.

I can see that there is a public UWB address. I do not believe I can change this (it’d be great if I could.

When executing the command dwm_loc_get on the tag, I am able to get back the last 4 digits of the public UWB address, using the code loc.anchors.dist.addr[i] (as found in the example tag_cfg. That’s great for identifying the anchors.

How can I identify the tag? I can’t get the public UWB address for the tag. Is that even possible?

Really, what I want to be able to do is for the host device (Raspberry Pi) to know the ID of the DWM1001 module that is attached to it. How is this possible?


To close the loop here, it looks like the R2 release introduced a dwm_nodeid_get api call to do just this.