Reading acceleration via I2C from the dev board

I’m working on a project where I need to poll measured position and acceleration data at the same time from a Raspberry Pi. I’m currently reading the position via the TLV API over UART. Unfortunately there is no TLV function for acceleration data; only via the interactive shell over UART, and I’m looking for alternatives. I would prefer my code to only use the TLV API.

Looking at the block diagram in the schematics for the DWM1001 I see a line drawn between the i2c connection from the accelerometer to “Edge pins”. Additionally, the data sheet for the dev board mentions “Allows access to DWM1001 pins (castellation) via on board headers”. So, is it then possible to talk i2c with the accelerometer using the Raspberry Pi header on the dev board?


I want to know about this too. Having the acceleration and position data together in UART or through the DW1000 would be great.