Read Bluetooth external device

Hi everyone,
I have a bluetooth beacon with temperature and humidity sensor, which broadcast the sensor values via bluetooth. Since the dwm1001-Dev have a bluetooth interface, I would like to ask, it is possible to read sensor value via bluetooth?
If yes, did you have some example code how to realize this.
I appreciate you help
Many thanks

Hello Nori

It is possible to use the Nordic nRF52832 with S132 Softdevice as BLE central, but I’m afraid example code for this falls outside of the scope of what Decawave can provide. The example firmware provided for the dwm1001 only acts as a BLE peripheral.

I would suggest looking at existing examples from Nordic available in the Nordic SDK (e.g the BLE Blinky Client Application Example), looking at some related guides and/or asking for support on the Nordic Devzone.

Seppe Stas

Hi Seppe,
Many thanks. :grinning:
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Hi Nori,

another option is to use Zephyr RTOS with BT stack integrated and open-source. Using SD has some drawback, because it runs in SWI. Nordic is putting a lot of efforts into Zephyr and it looks like SD will become obsolete in the future.