Raw accumulator data (CIR) from DWM1002

Hi all,

I was using DWM1002 anchor and DWM1003 tag for positioning. In order to get channel information, I tried to extract the Channel Impulse Response (CIR) data from the accumulator. According to DW1000 user manual 7.2.38 Register file: 0x25 – Accumulator CIR memory, what I should have are 64MHz PRF 1016 samples of 16-bit real integer and 16-bit imaginary integer, which are 1016(4 real + 4 imaginary) = 8128 hex characters. Together with the dummy octet (2 hex characters), from the accumulator we should have the CIR data of 8130 hex characters. However, when I tried to extract the data, the length is always 4032:

Which, obviously, is not correct. I was using Putty serial communication, with baud rate 115200. The ranging period is set as 5 seconds.

Could anyone identify this problem?