Raspbian Image Corrupted by any NPM changes

I’ve successfully setup a DWM1001 system using 3 anchors (1 as initiator), 1 tag, and 1 bridge node connected to a Raspberry Pi 3B to form a Gateway. I am also able to successfully read MQTT data through my connected network, so all items are functioning properly.

The problem is this: Any local project or global item I attempt to install using npm (Node Package Manager), or even updating npm on the Decawave Gateway Raspbian image causes the boot sector filesystem to become corrupt. It fails on startup and simply hangs in a reboot loop.

I need to run a small additional program on this Raspberry Pi, but seem to have this hurdle. The image in on a 32GB card, so there is PLENTY of space. Is there a reason this may be happening? What is unique with the Decawave Gateway image that might be conflicting?

Any thoughts or assistance are welcomed. I’ve been struggling with this for a straight week now. Let me know if additional details might be helpful.