Raspberry Pi Gateway

Hi ,
i am asking if it is possible to establish the gateway node of the rasberry pi with an unit of the MDEK1001 kit with just linking the two with a usb/mini usb cable between them and use uart not with a header jumper as shown in the datasheet of the kit

Hi ahmed

No it is not possible it has to be done over pin header (because the SPI is beeing used)


see the tuto in the documentation about the UART mode in VM linux decawave image,
i did the same but only with a usb cable between MDEK1001 unit configured as listener and a raspberry pi and wrote a python code to read positions with lep command, or i could just run minicom over pi terminal and i have the command runnig fine.
So it could be done with a raspberry pi and a unit over usb cable

Hi Ahmed

Can you please help me achieve the same.

I am also trying to get multiple tag details directly from a gateway