Raspberry Pi / Gateway implementation for DWM1001

I am trying to build a solution around Decawave DWM1001. There are very few examples around solutions when you use a dev board together with Raspberry pi like boards and languages like Python, Rust, and Golang.

I found there was a blog post back when thingtype site was still active and that blog post refereced a github which is not active anymore. Can someone from Qorvo or someone who still has copy of that repo help with this?

Basically, would it be possible to get access to GitHub repo?

Blog → https://thingtype.com/blog/using-a-dwm1000-module-with-a-raspberry-pi-and-python/ mentioned the library which points to a GitHub repo not in existence anymore.

I can see the blog post still here at web archive → Using a DWM1000 module with a Raspberry Pi and Python | ThingType

I would really, really like to come to some code examples in python, rust and golang or something similar that is not C or C++ for the implementation on Raspberry Pi (gateway).

Can someone share link/blog/tutorial/document… anything that would help in this direction.

Thanks in advance.

Hi @tomazb!

From the web archive I took the repository name (DW1000_Raspi_Python_library), searched GitHub and found this:

Check it out if this is the same content you are looking for.

Best regards!

Hi @tomazb
just one note, that github is realted to DW1000 but you are refereing to DWM1001 - they are not compatible. DWM1000 is just the radio chip but the DWM1001 is radio chip + MCU so you need some SW for that MCU.