Raspberry Pi 4 compatibility

So according to the DWM1001 Firmware User Guide, raspberry pi 3 is compatible with the development board and decawave’s software that comes along with the board. So I was wondering if I could use the raspberry pi 4 the same way with the board?


A DWM1001-Dev is compatible with any raspberry pi, so if you want to set a basic UART or SPI interface it will work on Raspberry Pi 4.

The Gateway Application for PANS that we provide is only compatible for Raspberry pi 3B. We cannot guarantee it will work on anyother type of raspberry pi.

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Hi Yves,
Is there an entity developing an image for raspberry pi 4? Maybe you should look at it because with the release of this version the raspberry pi 3b and 3b+ are going out of production and it’s hard to find them.
Thank you.

Hi Hector,

At the moment there is no plan to port the software to a different version of raspberry pi.


So even the recent update of the PAN’s software is only compatible with the pi 3?

Hello Newbie,

The last update of PANS was performed about a year ago. Indeed the gateway application delivered then was only compatible with Raspberry Pi 3B.

At the moment there is not plan to port it to a different hardware version.

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HI, the Raspberry Pi 3B is out of production, is there anyway i can use raspberry pi 4 with the gateway setup?
Or at least can you provide the source code for the daemon application?

Hi @mewanthak
the RPi 3B is still in production and will be until at least January 2026.

Due to kernel module complexity and the need of very precise timing the RPI 3B is still the latest one supported. The newer RPis have different internal HW configuration that blocks precise timings on kernel level.

Cheers JK

Hi @Yves_Bernard ,

I have raspberry pi 3 B, I am using DRTLS official raspberry pi image. But my spi communication is not working. ls -l /dev/spi* is listing only /dev/spidev0.1 not spidev0.0.

Can you help me with this? Should I go for other image to get it done?

Your help would be highly appreciated. I am trying this for many days and it is not working at all. Please help…

Hi @Shravani
from your previous post it looks like it is working well.

Im not 100%$ sure, but I dont think that the SPI interface is exposed to user as it is consumed by kernel module. If it does not work then reflash the image again and be sure that you didnt touch anything.


Hi @leapslabs

Thank you so much for your response.