Ranging between two anchords with PANS library


I’d like to range between two anchors using the PANS library. Not sure if this is possible, as there have been misleading comments in the one or the other topic.

What I’m doing is set up two DWM1001-DEVs with hex terminals and configure them manually.

Anchor 1:
08 00 leads to
40 01 00 46 02 1E 30 (initiator anchor with active UWB)

Anchor 2:
08 00 leads to
40 01 00 46 02 1D 20 (anchor with passive UWB)

However, when I enter dwm_anchor_list_get (0x0b 0x01 0x01) it remains with no valid output, no table and no anchor.
i.e.: 40 01 00 56 01 00

Plus, from this configuration onwards, how can I measure the distances between the anchors? As long as dwm_anchor_list_get stays empty, so does dwm_loc_get…

It makes no sense to me to switch between the tag and anchor mode for ranging as I don’t want a differentiation between devices (everyone can measure the distance to everyone else)

I’d be delighted to receive any tips or help that lead me in the right direction.

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Range between anchors cannot be performed with PANS through APIs or user space, so i’m afraid you cannot perform what you are trying to achieve.

Anchors should always be configured as active (otherwise they behave as listener).

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