Ranging between multiple tags and getting wireless channels


I’m new to Decawave and trying to see which product is most suitable for my application. I wish to achieve the followings:

  1. Having a bunch of tags (~10) and no anchor, at each tag, I wish to get the ranges from itself to all other tags it can possibly communicate with.
  2. At each tag, in real-time (dw1000 does this every frame I guess), get the estimated wireless channels between the tag itself and all other tags it just ranged with. It seems this information is in the CIR data? Please correct me if wrong.

After looking around for a while, I was about to chose DWM1001 Dev Board, but it seems PANS doesn’t provide the second functionality and will require developing customized firmware. Does PANS2.0 provide access to CIR data?

Can anyone please point me to the correct hardware to achieve the 2 goals above? Should I use DWM1000 or DWM1001? Should I go with their Dev boards or MCU boards / Raspberry Pi + the standalone UWB module?

Thank you in advance!

Hi Jleng,

I don’t think PANS (even R2.0) will cover your application needs.

You may have to develop a fully custom firmware and UWB stack that controls multiple devices.

You can start developing such a firmware on a dwm1001 module, it offers good performance/flexibility and is a good starting point for a dev platform if you get a dwm1001-dev.

Hope it helps,
Kind regards

Hi Yves,

Thank you so much for the reply! I’ve ordered several dwm1001-dev as you suggested.

Do you by any chance know if Decawave provides any tutorial or sample code to get started with developing my own firmware? I saw people pointing to https://github.com/Decawave/dwm1001-examples in the forum posts where the users need more than what PANS provides, but it’s not clear to me what this repo exactly is. Is it something parallel to PANS and would serve as a starting point for developing a custom firmware for dwm1001-dev?

Thank you,