Range and NLOS of DWM1000 and DWM1001

I am torn between ordering the DWM1000 and ordering the DWM1001. I noticed that in the product brief of the DWM1000, it is stated that it has a 300m distance range and supports LOS and NLOS. While the profuct brief of the DWM1001 only states that it has a 60m LOS distance range. Does this mean that the DWM1001 cannot work with NLOS? And, also could someone please clarify why is there such a big difference in the distance range of the two products?

The DWM1001 is normally run using the decawave F/W which has limitations on the channel and message format which can limit the maximum range.
Also the antennas are very different between the two. Ignoring any gain differences the DWM1001 antenna is only designed for the upper frequency band while the DWM1000 antenna is designed for the lower frequency band. Lower frequencies have a lower free space path loss and so all other things being equal give longer ranges.

Both will support LOS and NLOS. Notice that the DWM1000 doesn’t give a NLOS range only that it can work in that situation. NLOS range will be significantly lower than LOS range.

In addition to frequency, antenna gain and packet format used range will always be dependent on antenna orientation, environment, supporting electronics and so many other things that ultimately the only way to know what range you’ll get is to test it in the target environment and system.