Questions about factory firmwave DWM1001_PANS_R2.0 and example dwm-simple

Hi Decawave members

Currently, we use DWM1001 to test TWR functions, it is a easy way to use latest released firmware “DWM1001_PANS_R2.0.hex” and doing some exercises from firmware example “dwm-simple”. So my questions are listed as below:

(1) What is the UWB radio configuration setting in DWM1001_PANS_R2.0.hex and dwm-simple example?
does it use Channel 5, 6.8Mbps, Preamble length 128, and PRF 64MHz?

(2) Does output power assignment of DWM1001_PANS_R2.0.hex and dwm-simple meet the specification of FCC or CE certification?

(3) Does it possible to change radio configuration in dwm-simple example code? if it is Ok, what API functions cab be used about radio setting (ex: channel, data rate, Ppamble length,… and so on)?

Please someone give me the answer as soon, many thanks.

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Hello there!

1- In think PANS_R2.0 uses what you mentioned before but with the preamble 1024 and 110kbps. If you talking about the example o dwm-simple where it shows an example how to use the communication protocol, it uses a different configuration and it was because it was developed on another device (trek1000) but im not sure. I did use the mdek1000 kit and use the same configuration as the pans_2.0, cause i belive thats the best adpatation for the device (antenna adaptation ,… so on…). So, in the end, i made my own firmware to work on the mdek1000 devices for anchors and tag’s.

2 - I belive Decawave have regulated from fabrication. if u use the firmware pans 2.0 you can see the power level used with the at commands on serial port. At the same time thoose values are stored on OTP memory on all devices.

3 - As is said on point (1) I used the same configuration as PANS_2.0 and end up making my own firmware. In my case, I used two preambles 128 and 1024 and adpating the bitrate for each too.

Hope i could help.


Hello ruigomes

Thanks for your great helping, I knew that completely from your replying.