Question on RF Testing and Conformance

Hi everyone,

We are currently working on a design using the DW1000 chip, LNA and power amp. In the slightly longer term we need to calibrate the output (mask, power, etc.) and eventually comply with regulations to CE mark the product.

Could anyone offer some pointers on the regulatory framework for UWB? With WiFi, GSM etc it seems extremely clear and the process is well understood. I can’t seem to find (for example Test Houses) that even mention the UWB products.

Also does anyone have any experience (good or bad) with test facilities in the UK (preferably Midlands) who have the equipment for this type of testing.

Just looking for some pointers really.

Take a look at the Regulations & Certification Application note here:

Thanks very much. I thought that I had had a good look but I missed the obvious document.

One thing that is very interesting and not mentioned greatly in other documents is the tight Duty Cycle requirements for LT2 system transmitters. I can understand why, if you have lots of tags in dense space then it’s needed. If on the other hand you have few nodes but want to locate often (and at a higher frequency) it does somewhat limit your options.

On another note, if anyone reads this thread, you can get the IEE802.15.4-2011 spec for free form the IEE if you fancy some bedtime reading.

Hi dirkvermaak,

If you’re looking for test houses, there’s Cetecom or CTC Advanced in Germany. I don’t know of any in the UK.

Thanks for the tip. I wasn’t expecting to have to go to Germany so I will keep looking.