Question about the DWM3000 module size

Hi, we’re currently working on the DWM3000 module and were wondering what was the reason behind having the dw3000 chip inside a case this large compared to the size of the components inside.

Is it a way to protect the chip? And if so, why is it not mandatory/recommended to have the same perimeter around the chip if we buy it without the module to put it on a custom board?


The module is that size to be footprint compatible with the older DWM1000 module.
I haven’t checked but I suspect that since they had the same amount of space they used the same size shield as before for simplicity.

Hi @ArmCol
AndyA is correct the dimension is the same as DWM1000 and for some people (lot of them) it is easier to use this module rather than design their own chip down version when they don’t understand RF and so on.