Question about reset_DW1000() in the DWM1001 TWR simple example


I have a question about the reset_DW1000 function in the DWM1001 TWR simple example.

void reset_DW1000(void) { nrf_gpio_cfg_output(DECA_RST_PIN); nrf_gpio_pin_clear(DECA_RST_PIN); nrf_delay_ms(200); nrf_gpio_pin_set(DECA_RST_PIN); nrf_delay_ms(50); nrf_gpio_cfg_input(DECA_RST_PIN, NRF_GPIO_PIN_NOPULL); nrf_delay_ms(2); }

I’m wondering what is the purpose of nrf_gpio_pin_set(DECA_RST_PIN). Doesn’t this action set the Reset pin high? The manual emphasizes that the Reset pin must not be driven high externally.


Hi pspotato,

You ware correct, that was an error probably added when porting from STM mcu to NRF mcu.

It is now fixed on the git repository.

Thank you,
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