Question about Anchor and Tag in DWM3000EVB

hi, I am Dongmin in south korea.

i have four Nucleo F429zi and DWM3000 each.

i want to use TDoA with DWM3000 but, i don’t know DWM3000 can works as a anchor and tag both.

please help me

Hi Dongmin,

In a TDoA scheme, you will need multiple anchors (at least 3) in fixed and known locations and tightly time synchronized.
The device that you want to locate (the tag) will blink periodically and when an anchor receives this blink message, it will timestamp it, based on the common synchronized time base.
The timestamp from multiple anchors will be then forwarded to a cenral location engine (could be your laptop, or a raspberry pi, etc…) which will run multilateration algorithm based on TDoA of the blink signal at each anchor.

Then to respond to your question, yes it will be possible to play with the modules and configure 3 modules as anchors and one module as tag.
It will only depends on your firmware (how to time synchronize the different anchors, the way you’re receiving the blink signal, the multilaterartion algorithm on your CLE, etc…).

Hope it helps,