Query related to DWM1001 Software API - ( Current UWBMAC backhaul status (0x3A, 0x00)


I have a query regarding DWM1001 Software API - ( Current UWBMAC backhaul status (0x3A, 0x00).
As per the DWM1001 software API documentation section (I have also attached the screenshot)
In the parameter description on output, there is the description for only 12 bytes.
But in example shown, the response is of length 0x13 (19 bytes).
I have a query that what these extra 7 bytes indicate in the response.
Kindly suggest.

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Hi Asmita,

The table stated in actually shows all fields included in the response message, but not necessarily the same amount of bytes. The response message of this command can include 0-8 origins. each origin has its origin_info of 4 bytes.

Now lets take a look at the response message Example.
The first TLV part indicates the error code, i.e. 0x40, 0x01, 0x00.
The second TLV part indicates the response data, among which the value is 19 bytes. Among the 19 bytes, you have:
sf_number = 0x006c,
bh_seat_map = 0x00000007,
origin_cnt = 0x03,
origin_info1 = {node_id = 0x11f3, bh_seat = 0x00, hop_lvl = 0x01},
origin_info2 = {node_id = 0x11c3, bh_seat = 0x01, hop_lvl = 0x01},
origin_info3 = {node_id = 0x1166, bh_seat = 0x02, hop_lvl = 0x01},

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Hello Weibo,

Thanks for the explanation. Now I understood this.
I have another query , that is : is the node_id obtained in this response is same as node id obtain using TLV command 0x30, 0x00 as given in section 5.3.31 of Software API guide.
kindly suggest

Hi Asmita,

No, the dwm_nodeid_get command provides the 8-byte ID of the node. While the dwm_bh_status_get only provide the 2-byte ID.

I think in the PANS, 2-byte ID are used for wireless communication. Thus when any ID is acquired from the air, it will be 2 bytes. Only when the node is physically wire connected will you be able to get it’s 8-byte ID address.

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Hello Weibo,
Thanks for your response.
I checked both of these commands.
Using dwm_nodeid_get TLV command (i.e 0x30, 0x00), I am getting 8-byte ID of the tag node when my tag node is communicating wirelessly via UWB to the bridge node.
Also in case of dwm_bh_status_get TLV Command (i.e. 0x3A, 0x00), I am getting node ids as 0x1000, 0x1001, 0x1002. In my system there are 4 anchors , 1 tag and 1 bridge node. I want to understand what these node-ids in [0x3A, 0x00] TLV command indicates.
Kindly suggest
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