Query Regarding Seat Reuse issue

I am using mdek1001 for the purpose of indoor positioning in a warehouse where i will deploying the project for a large area.
Please clear my following confusions:
Maximum number of anchor seats is 30 and If a 31st (or more) anchor is required then it needs to re-use a seat number

  1. Does above limitation mean that when 31st anchor was using seat number of let suppose 3rd anchor then 3rd anchor will be assigned -1 seat number?
  2. Can two anchors be assigned same seat number if they are quite far away from each other??

Because when i have tested 35 anchors in a big area then at a time only 30 anchors were assigned seat numbers and seat numbers were shuffling between 35 anchors
Is this what you mean by Seat Re-Use concept or i have not kept sufficient distance.
Please clear my doubts.

Hi Akansha,

You need to ensure that there is sufficient space between anchors in the system.

No anchors can “see” two anchors using the same seat, that is basically the rule.

So basically, if you put a 31st anchor A31, it will reuse a seat only if anchors that can “see” A31 cannot see other anchors using that seat.

It mean that would need to keep enough distance between anchors. The ideal distance depends on the geometry of the environment so it’s difficult to recommend you.

There is no way to controll the seat selection, it is fully automatized.

Hope it helps,

Hi Sir,
Thanks for Replying!
Does Seat reuse means in a single superframe two anchors will be sending BEACONS at the same time?
Or In one superframe one anchor will send and anchor which is re-using seat will transmit in other superframe?
As whole communication is using TDMA scheme then if let suppose in one superframe 30 anchors transmits then anchors which will be re-using seats of these 30 anchors will be transmitting in other superframe or BEACONING of all the anchors deployed will be taking place simultaneously??

Please help me resolving my doubt!


Effectively, two anchors with the same seat will actually transmit within the same superframe.

But because those anchors are spaced sufficiently, there is no collision. They use the same slot (seat) to transmit, but no one can hear both. This is the rule basically. If any anchor can hear both, then seat reusing will not be possible.

So basically if you put 30 anchors in a very dense area, you will reach the system limit and you will not be able to add any additional anchor.

Hope it help,

Hi Sir,
Thank you so much for explaining!
It had cleared my doubt of Seat Re-use.