Queries regarding Source codes provided in DWM1001 folder

I want to develop my own application over firmware library provided of DWM 1001 module.
I have gone through folder content still things are not cleared to me how to proceed.
Like a hex file of firmware image is provided, i flashed that in module.
If i want now to customize my module then how to proceed with it?
I want to make changes in limits of 30 anchors in FW2, is there any way to make changes in that too?
And how to make changes in bluetooth services?
Please clear the above mentioned queries


The full source code is not provided for DWM1001. It is not possible to customise the maximum number of anchors or tags.

There is a user application space that will allow you to customise the behavior of anchors or tags, but not to modify the superframe configuration.

You can refer to the DWM1001 firmware user guide to get more information about the user application space.

Hope it helps,