Queries Regarding Flashed DWM100C module using DWM1001-Dev

I have flashed DWM1001C module using DWM1001-Dev board successfully, it is behaving as a tag and i am getting the position data.
But the problem i am facing is regarding functioning of LED.
I have used all 6 LEDs with DWM1001C module in my tag design (D9, D10, D11, D12, D13)
After flashing my tag using DWM 1001-Dev board, Tx LED and Rx LED are functioning fine- But on receiving data using bluetooth D10 LED of tag is not glowing in place of that D10 of DWM1001-Dev from which i flashed DWM1001C is glowing.
Why is it so?
I am attaching photo of Tag design.
Only Tx and Rx LED is working fine in my design.
Please help me to resolve this.

make sure the polarity of the leds is correct, if you look at the diagram some leds have different polarity.