Queries regarding DWM1001 TDoA Tag Software

I have some doubts regarding how to make my DWM1001C module to behave as TDoA tag.
I gone through the TTK1000_DWM1001_Tag_Software_Guide, and build the code as mentioned in this.
But how to test weather it is behaving as TDoA tag or not that is still not get cleared.
Please suggest me how to verify the functionality of TDoA tag after flashing using Segger Embeddded Studio.
Do we need to download tdoa_tag.emProject file only to make DWM1001C module as a tag?
Or we need to flash other binary files too?
What is the use of two binaries DWM1001C_TDoA_Tag_LED_OFF.hex and DWM1001C_TDoA_Tag_LED_ON. hex ?
Please clear above queries.


TDoA Tag is a simple application that consist in blinking and going to sleep until the next blink (TX).

You have two ways to verifying if the TDoA tag works:

  1. Setup a listener (any DW1000 device in Rx mode) with the same RF configuration, and you should receive a frame periodically.
  2. Get a TTK1000 kit from decawave. This is a full TDoA system, including anchors and centralised unit that will allow you to calculate the position of a TDoA tag within the system.

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