Quality Factor & Positioning error

While running the UART generic mode API on Decawave’s firmware I have been running into two separate but related issues.

  1. The first is more of a question, after every iteration the Decawaves Bridge node in three dimensions is output as well as the quality factor(qf). My query is what does this quality factor represent I can assume it is some measurement of the quality of the signal that the Bridge is receiving. But what precisely does it mean? Furthermore, when I run it my qf is consistently below 100. Is there a way to improve that?

  2. Again when running the PANS firmware in an attempt to display the position I noticed something strange. It oscillates from displaying the Bridges display node actual position(or at least a close approximate) to printing out all zeroes. Even more unusual is that it nearly always does so every other time period. At least 85 percent of time it follows the pattern of Actual Position, 0’s, Actual position, 0’s, Actual position, 0’s etc. Anyone know why this is or has anyone had similar problems?