QSPICE memory leaks?

I am using QSPICE version Mar 29 2024, and I have a little problem when simulating a power supply with low step settings, about 200 ps. If I do not touch the schematic editor or the waveforms viewer, probably I will get the simulation completed. But I am impatient and if I try to zoom-in to the waveforms and check the results, QSPICE will simply crash the waveforms viewer. Does anybody else has this kind of problem or is just me?

@daddyzaur ,

It is possible that you can be having “memory leaks” causing a crash. Consider how complex the program is with all its features.

I noticed you were getting impatient with the sim taking a LONG TIME. I’ve had sims take over 12 hours.

One way to reduce the sim time (and the size of the qraw file) is to use the .save feature. With .save, you define which signals to save to the .qraw. This makes the file smaller and reduces the sim time since less data is logged.


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I suggest, you just save the waveform that you want to view so that it will reduce memory usage for qraw files. Refer to this topic;


@daddyzaur ,

Here are additional ways to reduce the sim time:

  • Run it in batch mode. This prevents the QUX.exe from running and updating the waveform in the background. You can then run QUX.exe with the .qraw file generated.
  • Run it in batch mode with the .qraw generated turned off. Since you are not generating a separate data file, you would probably need to use my Logger component to save only the desired data to a csv file for later analysis. Here is a link to m latest version of Logger: New Component: Logger V2.0