QSPICE installation taking extremely long time

Please help. It’s takes and extremely long time to install QSPICE on Windows 11. I gave up after an hour and not progress was being made. Any ideas or has anyone experienced this behavior?

Close all other applications. There might be a window somewhere that says that you should close all File Explorer or QSPICE invocations. MS Office can cause trouble, too, but I don’t try to shut those down.

Otherwise, there’s no way it should take more than five and a half minutes.


Thanks Mike, but there are no other applications running. I’ll have to check for possible conflicting background app.



At what point in the installation is it hanging?

Almost immediately after accepting the license agreement. It appears first to have completed downloading some files and then the title bar says “Not Responding” and the application window appears to be greyed out.

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i have the same situation, the problem in my case was that the install application need admin rights but dont ask for them. to fix that just restart the computer and make the installation again, then the install process will ask for admin rights, give the rights and the install will finish fast.

Thank you Elisha. I was launching the program to “Run As Administrator” before. So I just double-clicked the installer and chose the option afterward to run as admin and the installation succeeded.

This is a good observation which we will want to highlight in our FAQ.

Launch it as a user, and QSPICE will escalate privileges if you wish to install as an administrator.

I think I was doing the same thing at one point.

Hi Jeff,

Thanks for the feedback this what I did and was able to successfully install the software.